Ordering is as easy as sending an E-mail.

Ordering from Stitchins is all done via email and is very simple. Just click the "Place my order" button above to create your email, then send it on. I'll quickly acknowledge receipt and provide a confirmation email with details.

Some basic information is required for each and every order, your name and ship to address to be exact. Depending upon the product you're interested in, other specific required information can be found below.

Pin Cushions, Dish Cloths, Microwave Baking Bags, Sewing Kits and Sewing Baskets, Baby Bibs, Hot Plate Mats, Caddy Cups and Soft Books - These items are unique. To order, specify the Item # and description of your selection.

Tortilla Warmers - Tortilla warmers are made to order. To order, specify the size (standard or jumbo), the Item # of your fabric selection and the quantity desired.

Please email me with any questions you might have using the button above or the "E-mail us" button on the Contact Us page.

And remember, shipping and handling for your entire order (within the continental U.S.) is only $1.00 for your entire order, regardless of the number of items ordered.