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Pin Cushions
Item # Description Price
L190105Tea Cup $8.95
L2801016 1/2" Mug $7.95
L380101Tea Cup $7.00
Other Items
Description Price
Dish Cloths (set of 3)$6.95
Microwave Baking Bags$11.95
Tortilla Warmers$13.50
Hot Plate Mats$9.95
Baby Bibs$5.95
Caddy Cups$8.95
Sewing Kits
Item # Description Price
L020602Sewing kit - 4 1/4" x 3 3/4" Cougars$9.95
L060601Sewing kit oval - 7" x 6"$13.95
Soft Books
Item # Description Price
L030904Winter's no Fun Without FROSTY$18.95
L080903Spongebob Happy Times$20.95
L0B0905 Family Joy $20.95
L250904 Sweet Dreams $20.95
L380901 High Low $19.99
L380902 How do we Get There? $20.99